Anthology Editor: Dr Kenya Mitchell

Since becoming a writer at age ten, Dr. Kenya Mitchell has used writing to challenge the public’s expectations of African American authors, and to push the boundaries of genres through her creative work. Dr. Mitchell holds a Master's degree in Language and Literacy from Harvard School of Education and a Ph.D in Writing Rhetoric and Composition in UC Davis’ School of Education. Dr. Mitchell’s academic research and teaching focus is supporting diverse students’ writing and rhetoric in a range of contexts. 


In addition to this scholarship, Dr. Mitchell has published poetry, creative non-fiction, and literary criticism for a range of publications including Public Seminar, New York Magazine, Stanford’s Black Arts Quarterly, Howard University’s Amistad Magazine, Tribes Magazine, and the Adirondack Review. Dr. Mitchell has also self-published two books: Aftermath of a Sociopath, a collection of short fiction, and Blue Line to Wonderland, a collection of poetry.

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