Anthology Editor: Emily L.  Pickard

Emily L. Pickard completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature at the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada in 2015 before undertaking a Masters degree at the same university in the Gender Studies and Feminist Research department. During that degree, Emily focused on intersections of raced, classed, and gendered oppressions under a colonial patriarchy. Using these theories, Pickard’s dissertation examined pregnancies out of wedlock in Scottish ballads.


In 2016, Emily moved to Glasgow, Scotland to begin her PhD in Scottish Literature. Her doctoral thesis strives to demystify and give voice to motherhood by using the writings of Willa Muir as a case study. This has allowed Pickard to research bias faced by mothers from the 19th to 21st centuries.

Emily has nine years experience writing and proofreading, including for the former Freight Books in Glasgow. She has worked as both a writer and managing editor for a Canadian cannabis publication, during which time she focused on the racial and class consequences of criminalisation of the plant. Her personal writing focuses on gender, grief, and belonging. Pickard’s short story ‘Cumbrae’ was published in May 2020 in From Glasgow to Saturn.

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